Cinzia Scoglionero performance couldn’t (last minute) be seen at the ITS festival due an actor in quarantine. At this platform you can have an insight look at first 20 minutes of ‘LIFT’. This performance was made before the pandemic and focus on distance in a closed space, a few months later this became a more familiar term.

The dance performance ‘LIFT’ is a research on the transition from private to public. How do we behave ourselves towards one another in a limited space? How much do we give in and can we enter someone’s personal bubble?

Director: Cinzia Scoglionero
Dancers: Alexandra Verschuuren – Danielle Huyghe – Jarne van Perck – Nathalie Vermeiren
Dramaturgy: Quinten Pouliart 
Scenography and costumes: Noa Muller
Music: Arto van Roey and Alexander Cornelis
Mentor: Ronald Wintjens

Produced by SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht and Co-production by VIA ZUID.

More infomartion about the director:

Bregt van Deursen

Bregt van Deursen

Bregt van Deursen (1996) studeerde zomer 2020 als docent/maker aan de opleiding Docent Theater ArtEZ Arnhem. Na haar opleiding zette ze zich in om de sector en dan met name de pas afgestudeerde lichting met elkaar te verbinden.